NFL Training Camps are About to Start

The Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Jets will be opening training camps on Thursday July 20th. These two teams will be the first ones in doing so this year followed by Cleveland Browns and Houston Texans next Sunday. It is expected that by July 30th all teams will be training in the camps.

Lately many teams are training at their regular season headquarters since it appears to have better results given that things are familiar, surprises are reduced and the players get to go to their homes to see their families. This year 41% of the squads will be training at home which equals 13 of 32; while 10 years ago it was 23% of the clubs that did so. It means 7 of 30 teams, although, the teams that encamped away last year were the ones that got the titles of the most recent season.

The Super Bowl XL was disputed by the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Seattle Seahawks. Pittsburgh trained at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania for the 40th year and the Seahawks trained at Eastern Washington University in Cheney, Washington.

For fans, NFL season starts warming up with the training camp which are a productive and an exciting time of the year too.

Surveys have shown that fans look forward to NFL training camps in July more than to major summer events in other sports and that they prefer to watch NFL preseason games more than any other sport preseason game. Lately the teams have a tendency to schedule evening practice sessions more often than they used to, that way the fans can join them and watch the games.

The New Orleans Saints and Tennessee Titans will practice at new training camps this year. Some clubs have changed their training sites in the past but others return to familiar locations where they have spent their summer months for years.