Why Women Hate NFL Football

Most women hate NFL football; plain and simple. Of course there is the small percentage of women that enjoy it just as much as men, or perhaps even more. This small percentage of women who love watching professional football, sit right alongside the men, watching attentively, as they root for their favorite teams and players. But for the other women who hate football, all the whooping and hollering that their men do while watching football can be quite annoying. Merely the thought of watching the players running around in their tacky uniforms and cumbersome helmets annoys some of them. Why would the NFL pay these players to run around, hurting each other over a stupid ball, looking like complete idiots, some women argue?

Many women will sit down with their significant other and ‘watch’ NFL games. Actually they are just sitting there, conveniently tuning out the maddening sounds coming from the television, as well as their mate’s mouth when their favorite team makes a touchdown. They may even read a good book, sew, or do something else to stay entertained so they won’t fall asleep. They only tolerate the irritating football games because they want to spend time with their loved one.

Some women despise the sport so much that they refuse to be in the same room when their significant other is watching it. They may choose to instead watch a different program in another room, or even go out with friends.

The big question is: Why do women hate NFL football, or any other kind, so much? Well, it’s probably that most don’t take the time to understand much about of the sport. They probably don’t even know what the object of the game is. If someone were to take a survey of a hundred women, a large percentage would probably have no idea of how the game is played. Perhaps if women became more educated about the sport, they would become more interested in watching it, even if only to appease their men. If women took some time out of their busy lives to research the sport and watch a little bit of ESPN, it would really impress their husbands or boyfriends. They could possibly even discover that it’s actually a fun and exciting sport, just like most men think. On the other hand, even after countless hours of research, and forcing themselves to watch boring episodes of ESPN, some women may confirm that fact that they simply can’t stand NFL football.