Why Are NFL Players So Well-Paid?

NFL players make more money per game than most people who work very hard make in a year. They make so much money that they will never have to worry about debt, being unable to pay their bills, or missing out on doing or getting anything that they desire because of money. They can buy houses with 30 bedrooms, 5 cars, travel the world—whatever they could possibly need or want. They do all of those things, too. Live in plush, luxury homes, with maids and drive Porches, unless they have their driver chauffeur them in a limo. They make more money than any renowned surgeon in the world. Are these NFL players overpaid or do they earn the megabucks that they’re paid?

Different people would answer this question differently.

Some would argue that NFL players definitely earn their money. They must be disciplined at all times, and keep their bodies in the finest condition. They then get out there on the football field and literally risk their health by playing such a potentially dangerous sport. Many NFL players have incurred serious, lifetime injuries during the rough sport of professional football. Many have had to have major surgeries, go to rehab, or even quit their careers much earlier than expected due to injuries received while playing.

They may also argue that the pro ball players are constantly under immense amounts of pressure to perform optimally, even if they aren’t up to it. What if they had a bad day, have the flu or are going through a personal crisis, such as a death of a friend or loved one, or even a divorce. That doesn’t matter in the NFL. It’s not that people are insensitive to the players and their personal problems, but that’s just how it is in professional football. They are paid to perform to the best of their ability at all times, and if they don’t, then they will be told to sit on the bench while they watch their team members play. This wouldn’t be very good for an NFL player’s career, to be benched for not playing optimally.

Other people would argue that professional football players are definitely overpaid. Some would even say that players should be paid according to how they perform. If they don’t play to their potential, then they shouldn’t get paid what other players get paid who play optimally all the time.

It really doesn’t matter what other people think, though, because NFL players will continue to make the millions of dollars that they do, no matter how they play.