Are You Crazy For Collecting Sports Memorabilia? Look And See How Many People Think Like You

Hobby for collecting sports memorabilia is increasing day by day. Many people who regularly watch games like baseball;, basketball, hockey and football love collecting sports memorabilia. It has a sentimental as well as an economic value to the collectors.

In auctions various valuable sports items used by the sportstars on the particular memorable games are sold in dollars. Sotheby’s is such a auction house where various sports items are sold. For some people money matters a little to buy these sports memorabilia. A an example, the ball which in1998 Mark Mcgwire hit for the 62nd run was sold for over one million dollar. And you can have the thousand of examples of such million dollar auctions.

If you go to to the history you will find that collecting the sports memorabilia was there even in the twentieth century. That time many people used to accumulate baseballs from many baseball games. And later we see the great bambino Baba Ruth was so popular that people used to ask him for the autographs. As the years gone people are becoming more interested collecting sports memorabilia.

In 1980s NBA,MLB,NHL and NFL have started selling jerseys wore by the famous players in their memorable games.From that time it has become a craze to collect the sports jerseys and till today it is the hottest item in sports memorabilia. Dennish Rodman, a former NBA player was also famous for throwing out the jerseys after the games were over.There is another basketball player Michael Jordan whose memorabilia is the most demanding by the collectors.

In 1970 Brazil won the worldcup soccer.Pele became the legendary figure in soccer and the yellow Brazil jersey that Pele wore in the final match was sold in $224,000 in auction. It is the all time record in the history of auction .

The fight posters of Jack Johnson and John L. Sullivan were sold at high prices years back. A boxing glove that was signed by Ruth, Johnson, Sullivan and many other stars along with the American Presidents were sold in million dollars and is now being exhibited at the International Boxing Hall Of Fame.

Pete Rose is one of the famous sport stars who was very popular to the people and the items he used were sold at high prices.

The value of the sports items depend on various aspects including players’ form,popularity ets. Sometimes items of a particular game become highly expensive.

For the people who only consider the memorabilia as having a sentimental value, they always look at it as an important moment of life shared with his or her favorite stars or teams.