The Probability Of Super Bowl Sunday Becoming A National Holiday

There has been some discussion about Super Bowl Sunday becoming a national holiday, allowing the following Monday to be a day off work for most people. For all the football fanatics, this new ‘holiday’ would be great. It would give the fans the opportunity to overindulge in all the junk food and beer that they wanted, without having to go to work the next day under the weather from a major hangover. It would also lower the massive amount of post Super Bowl Sunday call-ins. In addition, it would keep the people who do decide to go to work the next day despite being ill to at home and let their hangovers wear off.

There are websites, chat rooms and petitions created exclusively for allowing Super Bowl Sunday to become a national holiday. Actually, they refer to the proposed holiday as Super Bowl Monday or National Football Day. One website’s goal is to have the holiday voted in and celebrated for the first time by January of 2010. Some people who celebrate super bowl Sunday aren’t even football fans. They simply enjoy the idea of getting together with family and friends to be part of all the excitement.

The politicians who would be responsible for approving or denying Super Bowl Sunday becoming a national holiday may not think that it’s such a good idea. They may feel that if they were to approve it and allow this major sports event to become a holiday then fans of all other sports would expect the same thing. Imagine having all these new holidays, all related to different types of sports: Football, Baseball, Golf, Hockey, Basketball, etc.

So, no matter how it saddens major NFL fans, the probability of Super Bowl Sunday becoming a national Sunday is pretty slim. This doesn’t mean that the day can’t continue to be celebrated the way it always has been, because it’s a big day, not only for fanatics, but for advertisers to make money as well. Fans just need to be more responsible when it comes to drinking loads of beer and eating pizza until they feel they’re going to regurgitate. They should try to limit the amount of alcoholic beverages and junk food that they consume so that they will be able to function better at work the next day.