Steroid Use In The NFL: Is It Really Worth It?

What would prompt a young, fit professional football player to use steroids, especially with the new, stricter NFL rules? The NFL released a newly revised steroid use rule booklet earlier this year, which means that they’re even more on top of catching these users than ever before. They may perform random drug testing, when the players least expect. Unusual behavior or sudden, noticeable increases in performance or strength may trigger suspicion at any time, resulting in drug testing for one of all of the players on the team. There are cleansing drinks that can be bought from the health food stores that can totally remove all traces of drugs from a player’s system. But there is no way that a concoction like this could help a steroid-using NFL player at all times, because random drug tests means that he will never know when to expect one. He may think that he’ll never get caught, or that he’s playing the best he has in his career. What the NFL player who decides to use steroids should know, though, is that he can and will be caught, sooner or later. He may get away with it for a while—even a long while, but with rules becoming stricter and stricter, he will eventually be caught, and dealt with accordingly.

Many NFL players are so desperate to enhance their performance that they are willing to risk getting caught and suffering the repercussions. They think that steroids are so great, like a magic drug, when in fact they are the total opposite. Sure, they can increase a player’s energy level, stamina and muscle definition, but what they don’t realize, though, is that they’re risking more than just being suspended from the NFL. They are also risking their health. Steroids are extremely dangerous drugs, and are nothing to play around with. They can cause heart disease, blood clots, strokes, liver damage and even cancer. Maybe some NFL players feel that since they are so young and healthy that steroids couldn’t possibly have such serious effects on their bodies. This is a misconception, and they need to realize that they are not invincible. It doesn’t matter how young or healthy a player may be; steroids will damage his body. They can even alter the production of testosterone in their bodies, resulting in decreased sex drive, low sperm count, enlarged prostate and even impotence. Surely no man, especially popular NFL players, would want to suffer from any of these horrible side effects. If they want to be the best professional football player there is, then they need to workout regularly and practice as often as they can. Remember: Practice makes perfect. So whatever goal a professional football player sets for himself, he can, and will eventually reach it, and even exceed them—without the illegal usage of hazardous steroids