Dallas Cowboys: A History Of Winning

The Dallas Cowboys, according to Forbes magazine, is one of the most valuable sports teams in North America. They are owned by Jerry Jones and made their debut in 1962. They were the first team to wear their white jerseys at home (the teams were supposed to wear colored jerseys when playing at home). The Cowboys have an estimated current value of $1.173 billion. They are also one of the most successful American Football teams. They hold the league records for the most consecutive winning seasons. They won twenty in a row, from 1966 until 1985. The Dallas Cowboys also hold league records for the most seasons (twenty four) with a minimum of ten wins.

The Dallas Cowboys qualified for playoffs 80% of the time (twenty four times), won nineteen division titles, played in fourteen NFC Championship games (which is more than fifty percent of all the conference title games between 1966 to 1996) and took the field for eight Super Bowls. The Cowboys are known as one of the most successful teams in the entire history of the NFL. The team has earned twenty eight post-season appearances including another league record of 54 post-season games. They won thirty two of those games. The Dallas Cowboys also have the record for the most Super Bowl appearances (they had 8, which is 2 more than any other team) and they have appeared in 14 NFC Championship games, which is also more than any other American Football team. The Cowboys played in 2 NFL championship games. That was before the NFL-AFL merger. They were the first team in NFL history to win no fewer than 3 Super Bowls in only 4 years. Since then, the New England Patriots matched this feat but the Cowboys were the first.

From these figures and records, it is easy to see why the Dallas Cowboys remain one of the most popular and respected American Football teams of today.